About Us

Company History

The company started business the traditional way in 1977, with the patriarch establishing a family business trading of sports apparel. In 1979, the “CHEETAH” brand of products was launched, signifying a roaring entry into the sports apparel arena. Concentrating on market networking, branding and designing as its main roles, the company has developed and expanded its portfolio with more brands for different market segments and casual life-style wear.

The brands include Cheetah Junior, Cheetah Ladies, C. Union, CTH Unlimited, C2 United, CTH Ladies and Baby Cheetah. The company also has two international licensee brands Ladybird – children wear and GQ – mens’ business wear.

The success of the brand and labels were build up through outsourcing to dedicated and reliable suppliers who were with the company through out its inception, and through the company’s good networking relationship that lead it to expand to more than 800 point of sales nationwide, inclusive of stand alone boutiques.

The years of hard work and dedication for innovation and quality and being in the forefront of sport wear apparels, the “CHEETAH” brand was awarded the SUPERBRAND 2005 award, the first sport and casual wear company to be recognized with such an award. In 2009, the company received another award, the Asia Pacific Excellence Award for Entrepreneur.

In January 2005, it was listed on the Second Board of Bursa Malaysia under the Cheetah Holdings Berhad and in July 2007 the listing was transferred to the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia.

In 2009, the company has fully centralized all its operations – marketing, distributions, designing and warehousing – into its new 100,000 sq ft building where the management can oversees all the departments and be concern with all its staff’s well being.

Our Vision & Mission & Core Values

Cheetah Group looks to the future with great anticipation. Growing from strength to strength, we are identifying areas to excel. Our Projectile’s path will be one that will involve understanding the lifestyle needs of not just individuals, but families and generations, from newborns to senior citizens.

Cheetah’s VISION

To be a reputable diversified company that offer varieties of lifestyle products and services in Asia.

Cheetah’s MISSION

To satisfy customer’s with high quality lifestyle needs, providing an equitable return to stakeholders and recognizing team’s effort.

Core Values


To instill honest and integrity as part of our daily life.


To work hard because excellence is achieved through extraordinary effort.


To enhance lifestyle with high quality products and services through creative ideas with continuous product improvement in research and development


To work as a team, trust and listen to one another and support the group’s decisions, one for all and all for one.


Awarded Malaysia SUPERBRAND for 2005

Recognized as one of Asia’s Top 200 Companies
under US$1 billion in 2007 (according to Forbes Asia,
1/10/2007 issue)

Received the Asia Pacific Excellence Brand Award for
the Excellence BRAND category in 2009